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The Bible Story in Six Steps



1. God is in charge of the world and rules the world because he created it. As part of his creation God created people and put them in charge of His world, to care for it, to be responsible for it, always under God's authority.

2. PROBLEM! From the very beginning, men and women everywhere have rejected God by doing things their own way. This rebellious, self-sufficient attitude is what the Bible calls 'sin'. By rebelling against God, we've made a terrible mess of things. This has meant that the world is destined for decay and death.

3. We all inherit sin and are therefore guilty of rebelling against God. This rebellion against God causes our lives and this world to be affected by sickness, disease, disasters, injustice, disorder, broken society. We must answer for our rebellion. God won't let this rebellion go on forever. The cost of this rebellion is very serious. It means separation from God and death. Sin is so offensive to God he gives us exactly what we deserve.

4. GOOD NEWS! God did not leave us in this state. He sent his own divine, Son (Jesus) into our world to be a sinless man amongst sinners. This meant He received the treatment that we deserved. His execution on a cross was Him taking the punishment for sin for us. He stepped in as a substitute for us and so paid the cost of our rebellion.

5. God accepted Jesus' death as payment in full for our sins, and raised him from the dead. The risen Jesus is now God's ruler of the world. Now, through Jesus' death, we can make a fresh start with God.

6. A fresh start involves several steps.
i) A complete change regarding sin – admitting you are a rebel against God and rejecting sin and seeking to live in a way that pleases God.
ii) Accepting that Jesus died in your place, believing that Jesus is able to save you from sin and trusting and relying in Him that He is able to make you right with God.........See: "How to Become a Christian?"


A person becomes a Christian by God's work in their life. They realise they are a sinner before God (by the work of the Holy Spirit), they realise that Jesus life and death was for them and so they put their faith and trust in Jesus.

Often a prayer like this is prayed:
Dear God, thank you for sending the Lord Jesus to live and die for me.
I realise I am a sinner in your eyes and I need your forgiveness that can only come through Jesus.
Thank you for sending your only Son the Lord Jesus to take the punishment for my sins on the cross.
I believe that Jesus has paid the price for my sin and that you are able to forgive me because of Jesus.
Please forgive me and make me a new person.
I desire you to be ruler of my life from now on.
Please lead my life and teach me to live as one of your loyal children for as long as I live.
In Jesus name

If you have genuinely prayed this prayer you need to tell someone who will understand and encourage you. It will be important for you meet with other Christians and to read the Bible regularly as well as learning how to pray.

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